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Case Studies

Industry-Specific Solutions

Agility’s specialized solutions for your industry go beyond storage and distribution. Tailoring value-added services for the manufacturing, retail, automotive, and life sciences industries.

Emerging Markets Footprint

Agility leads in contract logistics in high-growth, emerging markets. Our footprint helps you tap into consumer growth in new markets.

Logistics Parks a Core Competency

Agility Real Estate builds logistics and industrial parks across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Our customers have access to both ready-made or built-to-suit, world-class infrastructure and supporting services, unparalleled in these markets.

Automotive distribution hub in UAE supplies parts to 40+ markets

  • Agility converted an 18,000-sqm warehouse in the UAE’s Jebel Ali Free Zone into a regional distribution hub for a leading automotive manufacturer. Agility helps the customer supply more than 24,000 different parts to more than 40 different markets from a hub configured to meet the customer’s global standards. The facility is integrated into the customer’s IT systems and Agility’s warehouse management systems to provide inbound clearance, haulage and outbound distribution.

Warehouse management system gives retailer constant optimum stock levels

​An experienced retailer partnered with Agility to create a modern, end-to-end supply chain with a dedicated inventory management system to suit the cyclical nature of the ever-changing fashion landscape. Agility’s comprehensive solutions include inventory management (prime stock and non-stocks), receiving, sorting, put-away, price tagging, reverse logistics, point-of-sale, replenishment, season change, sales and premium promotions.

Managing distribution in Pakistan for a consumer goods giant

Agility is one of Pakistan’s largest 3PL providers, offering state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facilities. Agility operates a 20,000-sqm warehouse in Karachi to manage distribution for a global consumer goods giant. The customer counts on Agility for warehouse services, including receiving and inventory control of raw material and finished products. The facility – equipped with warehouse management systems and handling equipment – guarantees efficient management of the customer’s products and distribution throughout the country. Agility also provides value-added services such as packing, handling and labeling.

Value Added Services

  • Custom Clearance
  • Insurance
  • Palletizing
  • Barcoding
  • Packing / Repacking
  • Short Term Storage
  • Merge-In-Transit
  • Buyers Consolidation
  • Order Management
  • Origin Cargo Management
  • Load Factor Optimization
  • Document Collection
  • Cross Docking
  • Distribution

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