100% Refundable Restricted Stamps Payment for All shipment

Logistics Insurance policies, was established in July 2004. It successfully manages the insurance activities and secure our company and insured companies.

The objectives of the company are

  • To provide 100% refundable adequate insurance coverage to our customers and their parcels insured  at a stable insurance premium level, which is remembling the market price level.

Logistics Insurance is providing insurance coverage for

  • Freight Forwarder’s Liability and Transport Insurance


Quick Freight Logistics Insurance is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is operating under the Insurance Licence No.2004CA15 according to the Insurance Act 1994 of the Territory of the British Virgin Islands.

Insurance for your property while it is in transit on your own vehicles or through a public or contract motor carrier, rail or air carrier.  Our transportation policy will keep your business operating in the event of a loss while we determine the extent of the carrier’s legal liability.  This coverage is vital to businesses utilizing just-in-time delivery methods.


The trucking industry does not have a standard definition of what services a carrier or logistics provider offers, so we offer Cargo Pak® and Cargo and Logistics Pak®, which can be tailored to your specific operation.

Travelers offers specialized coverage for the commodities and services you are legally obligated to insure.  The coverage is flexible to match to businesses, while unique valuation and liability issues are considered. 

Cargo theft is a $30 billion a year business.1 Although the number of thefts per year have gone down, thieves have been targeting higher value merchandise, resulting in a 36% rise in the average value of thefts.2 Theft is not the only risk, cargo faces a number of exposures that can result in damage while in a warehouse or in transit.


Understanding Cargo Theft Threats

Cargo theft can impact almost any supply chain across the globe. Get an understanding of the cargo theft threat variables such as the commodity type that is being shipped, the regions it may pass through, and even the time and day of the week can help protect your cargo and your business.


Transportation, Cargo and Logistics Insurance

100% Refundable Restricted Stamps Payment for All shipment

Cargo theft is a $30 billion a year business.1 Although the number of thefts per year have gone down, thieves have been targeting higher value merchandise, resulting in a 36% rise in the average value of thefts.2 Theft is not the only risk, cargo faces a number of exposures that can result in damage while in a warehouse or in transit.

Ocean Marine

Marine and non-marine coverages for operations, includes marine services suppliers, marine transportation and construction, ocean cargo, and luxury yacht owners.


From protecting equipment to keeping trucks on the road and workers on the job, manufacturers require custom solutions.

Wholesalers and Distributors

Travelers can provide wholesalers and distributors the coverage and support they need to help keep operations running smoothly.

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100% Refundable Restricted Stamps Payment for All shipment

Business solutions can help you get there.

Employer's Liability

Employer’s Liability Insurance Policy covers the liability of employers for injury and disease caused to their employees at work.

Depending on the country where your business is located, the law will imposes duties on employers to protect their employees and third party in the workplace.

Breaching this responsibility which is resulting to injury or disease to an employe can be a criminal offense.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance covers any injury to property and persons that happens within your place of business.

It protects your company for the risks but also covers your legal expenses in the face of lawsuits.

It is most of the time extended to your employees liability when their jobs brings them out of your premises.

Property All Risk

Property All Risks Insurance is one of the most basic insurance policy. It is designed to cover your tangible assets from accidents.It essential to protect your premises, equipment, inventory and vehicles against accidents or risks to your business.You can also get extension to cover typhoon or earthquake in certain country.

Business Interruption

It comes in addition to Property All Risks and/or Machinery Breakdown Insurances.Business Interruption policy cover the company when facing a downturn often long resulting in significant financial consequences.The policy allows the company to offset the impact of lower revenue and covering the fixed charges (depreciation, taxes, rent, staff salaries , loan interest …).This insurance will also help the company to incur extraordinary costs consequential loss.

FFL - Professional Liability

Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance covers your Liability in case of physical loss or damage to your clients cargo.

It is a Professional Indemnity Insurance dedicated to Logistics Company and can cover:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Cargo Liability
  • Warehouse Liability
  • Third Party Liability
  • Customs Liability

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance are covering cargo wether by sea, air or land and are taylor made depending of different factors:

  • The nature of the goods and packaging.
  • The mode of transport (ocean, the name and age of the vessel).
  • The route provided.
  • The value of the goods.
  • The nature of the guarantees covered.
  • The volume of transactions to insure.

Directors & Officers Liability

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance (D&O) is a coverage that aim to protect personal property and liability of directors, managers and executives, for claims related to their actions or decisions taken in the course of their duties .

If at the origin this type of policy were dedicated to D&O of large company to protect them against claims from their shareholder, more and more D&O of SMEs are now considering those policies to protect themselves against risk of their functions.

Employees Benefits

Employee Benefits (EB) are getting more and more attention in Asia where business environment is very competitive.

It includes Accident insurance, Group Medical insurance, Term Life insurance, Critical Illness insurance, hospitalization allowance and maternity.

Those benefits can be extended to your employee’s family.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance is most often sought by companies where employees are constantly exposed to cash, stocks or other assets.

The coverage has been designed to indemnify the Company for the loss of money/stock/assets sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by one of its staff.