Ocean Freight Services


Low Sulphur Fuel Regulations and Impact Update

Marketing that works

We work alongside national and international firms.

In the international market, we are renowned and respected for the quality and integrity or our services, the excellence and professional commitment of our staff, and our contribution to society and the environment. Crossing Continents are a constructive link in the production chain of our national and international customers for providing professional services foreign trade, including imports as well as exports.

Our Solution

Premium Customer Service

Building partnerships by serving customers’ needs with cost-effective, flexible options and on-time delivery.

Large Global Footprint

Maintaining a strong network across 100 countries and building opportunity in emerging markets.

Customizable Solutions

Combining straightforward, standardized road freight products with customizable options to meet lead-time and capacity needs.

Flexible groupage and LTL and FTL services offered with high professional competence, personal service and custom solutions. Pan-European network covering all major European business centers.

Integrated trucking network linking major cities, ports and airports across the Middle East and Africa. Powered by our own fleet of 2,400 transport assets and serving customers with LTL and FTL shipments, as well as refrigerated and double-stacked trailers for specialized cargo.

Integrated trucking network across ASEAN region linking major cities, ports and airports to one another and 150 destinations in China. Regular road service connecting Vietnam and Cambodia with Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and Thailand. Truck-air solution to avert air export capacity bottlenecks.

Trusted extensive carrier network able to provide LTL, FTL and ground expedited shipments. Complete freight management solution available with our State of the Art Transport Management System (TMS).

The TMS has multiple features including freight optimization, selection of least cost routing and the ability to manage shipment execution & visibility seamlessly.

                                                                                               Value Added Services

  • Custom Clearance
  • Insurance
  • Palletizing
  • Barcoding
  • Packing / Repacking
  • Short Term Storage
  • Merge-In-Transit
  • Buyers Consolidation
  • Order Management
  • Origin Cargo Management
  • Load Factor Optimization
  • Document Collection
  • Cross Docking
  • Distribution

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